Sunday, 21 December 2014

The One Show commissions: Post Office pts 1 and 2

Copyright BBC
The clip below features the first film I have made for BBC1's The One Show and subsequent live sofa chat with Matt Baker and Alex Jones. This story was called a "national scandal" in parliament last week.

It was commissioned internally as an Inside Out South production and broadcast on Tuesday 9 Dec 2014. 

It is about the Post Office Horizon computer system, a story I have been following for some time. If you are interested in that sort of thing, or just want to see me sitting on a sofa next to John Cleese, please watch it. 

The film below is a follow up piece, broadcast on Wednesday 17 Dec 2014. It moves the story on and widens it out. 

The broadcast was timed to coincide with an adjournment debate on the Post Office at Westminster Hall, and I was able to incorporate what happened at the debate into my sofa chat (where I got to sit alongside Greg Davies, Michael Ball and Victoria Wood).


If you have never come across this story before these two short films are as good a starting point as any. If you can't watch video - I'd thoroughly recommend clicking on the link directly below - a full transcript of James Arbuthnot MP's adjournment debate on the Post Office Horizon system and mediation scheme.

Further reading: 

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  1. Perhaps a FOI request asking Post Office how much the branches they run have ended up being down over the years? It would be nice to find out how the bigger players, WHSmith, Co-operative and so on, are affected, but I would imagine that the Post Office wouldn't consider this as part of FOI.